About Me

Hey guys my name is Will Brown and I am currently a senior at the University of Alabama with the intentions to get a degree in general business. While here at Alabama I have grown in many different aspects of my life most namely my christian faith. So much so in fact my current job is interning for a college ministry here in Tuscaloosa. My career goal is to one day be a pastor of a church. In what capacity I would be a pastor is still to be determined. I could be a youth pastor or a college pastor. I think I would desire to one day to be a head pastor. The Capstone has also helped me grow in my interest of all things sports and outdoors. Coming to college I was just an average run of the mill country boy in which now I have come to love the outdoors for more than just hunting. Not to mention I am a big Crimson Tide fan in all sports. So to that I say Roll Tide.

I wasn’t raise in Tuscaloosa however, I was raised in a small town called Caddo, Alabama. Caddo is a magical place of house trailers and pastures. Not only that but everybody knows literally everybody and you will never meet someone who won’t treat you like they have always known you. It is full of hospitality along with sometimes really good cooking. The only things that are there to do for fun is mud riding and cow tipping. There isn’t any coffee shops or local bars. It is just convenience stores and a stoplight. But at the end of the day its home. It is where I grew up and developed into the man I am today. Where I was molded by the ideals of my mother and father. Caddo will always be at least a little part of home to me.

In the summer time however I have not chose to spend my time in Caddo but in Tyler, Texas working at a camp called Pine Cove. As you can see that is what most of my blog is centered around. This camp has been pivotal to not only my faith but so many others piece of my character and life have come from my experience at Pine Cove. While there I actually go by the name Beats which really fulfills my personality really well. Which is a white kid who loves rap and just wants to be thug but is to country to ever be there. Also if picked five words to describe myself three of them would be goofy. All in all I just love having fun and hanging out with people. I hope you enjoy this journey with me.


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