Hello, my name is Beats


See the interesting thing about Pine Cove and something that they differently is they give you camp names. What I mean by that is they bring you (being a new staffer) on stage and you sit in a chair with a microphone in your hand for 5-7 minutes. You begin by introducing yourself and after that you will begin to answer the appropriate questions that the people in the crowd ask you. These questions include “who is your favorite superhero?” “do you have any embarrassing breakup/dating stories?” “if you had a catch-phrase for your life what would it be and why?” etc. They ask these questions for two reasons 1. to get to know you better as a person and 2. to help them think of a creative name to call you. Now once someone thinks of a creative name they will be called upon by the moderator of this game called the name game, and person with creative name will stand up and say “I think I have a name!” and the crowd will respond with “sell it!”. From there this person will attempt to beautifully tie together everything this person on stage has talked about and make a name using these stories. For example my name came from an embarrassing break-up story. To make it nice and short it was me and my girlfriend and we were 45 minutes from my girlfriends house and she had driven and we had just broke up. So she is crying uncontrollably and refusing to let me drive. So in order to make her self more cheery she decides to play some radio and a once popular song by Carrie Underwood called “Before He Cheats” came on. So she sings every last word to me through her tears and anger all while I am sitting in the passenger next to her. Oh and also I was hangry in this story as in hungry and angry because I haven’t eaten. So they took these two things together and named Before He Eats which was then quickly (as in 30 seconds) shortened to Beats. Which is what I have remained ever since. So there you have it. I little sneak peek into not my life but also a little bit of what it looks like to be a Pine Cove Counselor.


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