Lesson 1 Don’t Panic

It was my first day on site at the Pine Cove Timbers. It is July 9, 2012 at 7:40 a.m. I have been up for an hour preparing myself for the day a.k.a going over all of my duties for the day and reading my bible for the help of the Holy Spirit. However at 7:40 it is time to wake up my campers. So I begin to wake them up upon which I told them all the last one out of bed had to clean the toilets when we had clean up time. You know, motivation to get out of bed. So therefore this camper refused to get out of bed in which I informed him that he had to clean the toilets. He did not respond very kindly to this. He began to pitch temper tantrum and started yelling things like you are not my mother you can’t tell me what to do and I am not clean the toilets. In which I want lovely show him how he needed to obey me because I was his authority over him that week. The hard part was doing it so that he would still want to have meaningful conversation with him in the future. So I began to talk to him hurriedly because we had 10 minutes to clean. But he kept getting more and more angry until eventually he just refused to clean but he got out and bed and got ready for the day. Unto which I was so scared and nervous that I was being a bad counselor that I panicked and went out side and got sick. So even though being a counselor is a lot of fun and you get cool opportunitiesĀ  everyday at camp it is really hard but you need to always remember like my old director always said “we need to be like ducks”. Meaning we may be freaking out on the inside but we need to look calm cool and collected on the outside. Much like ducks when they swim, they look very well composed on top of the water but underneath their feet are rapidly moving at 90 to nothing.


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