Why Pine Cove?

The earlier post goes to show all the fun I have while at camp. Whereas camp is so much and I long to be there everyday, there are other reasons that desire to work at Pine Cove. My heart is for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to impact people and not only impact them but to see life change come because of it. When I signed up for Pine Cove during my freshman year, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I just knew that I wanted to point 8th-9th grade boys to Jesus. Upon getting there, I was in culture shock at how well everything was structured and how everything pointed to Christ. Not to mention that it was just fun to be there and enjoy being a counselor. I began to find myself wondering what they were all about though. Like yes this camp wants to produce disciples of Christ and yes this camp wants us to have fun while doing it but what was its actual main focus? Then they showed this video to help us begin to cope with our true mission was.

This is when I began to realize that this camp was not just some camp that people worked at to enhance their resume or to make money over the summer (the pay isn’t terrible though) but people worked here because they were passionate about their relationship with Christ and that they want others know Him like they do. Pine Cove has done a work on not only my relationship with Christ but on my relationships with people. I am more open to diving into deep conversations with people and I no longer see people as projects but as real life human beings who have stories and crave love just like I do. I am beginning to get the love that Christ talks about that is unconditional. As I continue this blog I hope to share some stories that not only reflect the way Christ can work at camp but also some stories that can reflect how camp is fun.


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