Night of Craziness a.k.a Theme Nights

Just another day at Camp.
Just another day at Camp.

You see Pine Cove not only exist to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I mean yes everything we do is to break down walls and so that the Gospel can change lives. But the way we break down walls is through having fun. Not just some fun but a lot of fun. There are nights that are called theme nights. During these nights there is usually a game or a crazy dance party. Maybe it involves games of improv from the counselors. It is always full of randomness and craziness. This just helps the campers to have fun. But they are called theme nights because well you guessed it there is a theme to the night. For instance I have seen themes like Holiday Hoedown, Galactic Geriatrics, Bayou Boogie, Monday Night Madness, and Recon. Each of these invoke a costume for everyone involved (which is everyone). There is always craziness that goes into a costume but these just add to the night. It isn’t just staffers dressing up either the campers really get into it as well.


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